Pour your misery down on me

I only get the urge to post on LJ when I'm feeling lousy.  Unfortunately that makes for very uninteresting blogging; if only I could channel my wretchedness into great writing it might make things less annoying for my friends list.  I suppose that means my long absence is a sign that things have been going fairly well or, at least, I've been keeping it together fairly well.

I'm certain I need to get back into therapy.   I don't really have anyone to talk to and kvetching into the ether of the internet isn't all that productive. Having no one to talk to means I end up with a lot of pent up crap that I don't  know how to deal with.  Lately I've been holding so much in that I feel like I'm going to crack in half.

Conversation in my mind

W3C:  "All web browsers, you must do this!"

Internet Explorer:  "Well… we're not gonna! We're gonna have a sandwich."

Conclusion:  Internet Explorer is the France of web browsers.

Note:  If you find this funny you are quite possibly as warped as I.  Be afraid.



I'm starting a blog as part of my Media and Politics class.  The focus is going to be primarily on media coverage of climate change and other environmental issues.  I'm calling it Hell's Handbasket.  I'm also hoping to highlight some of the important news that isn't being covered by mainstream media.  I have many friends who are much better versed on these topics than I, so I hope they will chime in and perhaps offer suggestions. 

As witnessed by this LJ I'm not particularly adept at the whole blogging thing, hopefully I'll manage to improve my skills (at least enough to get an A).

Resolutions, of a sort

I'm not usually one to make New Year's Resolutions, but warren_ellis had a rather good list that I might snitch.

* Become your own fantasy of yourself.

* Invent something.

* Urinate on something consecrated.

* Destroy someone's mind using only your eyes and words.

* Create a Title or Doctorate for yourself.

* Listen to one new thing every day.

* Watch all the lights until morning.

* Understand in your heart that the Dog is the natural enemy of the Human.

* Spend at least 12 hours as an alien being.

* Force complete strangers to look at your "spaceship."

* Without getting arrested.

* Or married.

* Be worthy of obsession.

* Be worthy of air.

* Be glorious.

* Be seeing you.

(no subject)

I just couldn't get into the Halloween spirit this year. I wasn't feeling all that festive and living here in the Vantucky, with my neighbors and their tacky WalMart decorations just depressed me. I didn't even hand out candy. Blah.

I'm meeting on Monday with the internship coordinator for my program. My adviser mentioned the possibility of an internship with OMSI, which would totally rock. I'm also applying for an on campus internship, which would be just 12 hours a week, but includes a tuition waiver. That is bound to be competative, but I'm pretty well qualified.

Nearly everything on my 43 Things list has been sorely neglected. I'm determined to dedicate this winter to self improvement and checking some of those things off my list.